Postcard from Munich from :

Nikon D800 (pre)ordered

Before teaching workshops this weekend in Munich and before flying to Yemen on Monday, I met with representatives of my suppliers, partners, and sponsors today. At that occasion, I was also able to (pre-)order the upcoming Nikon D800. Sweet. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands…

UPDATE: apparently, both D4 and D800 are severely delayed because of the heavy quake damage to Nikon’s plant in Sendai, Japan.

UPDATE 2: the D700 replacement is not to be expected until December 2011. (Aug 22 ’11)

UPDATE 3: because I get so many questions – since 2011 seems to have been the precursor of the apocalyptical 2012 a couple of things happened out Nikon’s control (and even more outside my control) that severely delayed this camera. Luckily enough for me, the big project for which I need the capabilities of the new Nikon was delayed, too… Yet, the much lighter body of the D4 should excite pros, too… Finally an alternative to the D700 / 5D league? (Jan 5 ’12)

Postcard from Brussels from :

On the Road: What I take to Yemen

Tomorrow morning, 06:00 I will leave home for another trip to Yemen, continuing my work on a book about the mystique isle Socotra. Three weeks of exploration and adventure! Three weeks out in the wild!

Curious what I will take with me? Carry-on baggage only. (Yes, I travel light. And you want to travel light because you are faster and more flexible with little to drag along. We have to be fast and flexible when on the road. You never know what’ll happen…)