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New Gallery: Passengers

A new story is available on Passengers and their luggage. So far, URI-Navigation doesn’t work so you have to click your way through the page.

I teased a small selection of the pictures some time ago but know I decided to put the work into my portfolio, even though this project is very much work in progress. So far, I only ‘covered’ Antwerpen Centraal but since my travel behaviour is more or less maniac, I am sure to add much more soon.

PS: Btw travel behaviour: Did any of you dear readers aver travel with a cat? This thursday, I have a flight booked /w her. Finally, I am bringing her from Istanbul home to Antwerpen. But I wonder how much Black September will hate flying…

PPS: I had to work a bit to make sure that the fullscreen mode of my website doesn’t crop these pictures. While doing so, I noticed that more than 10 percent of the vistors have a higher screen width than 1680px, the maximum size I uploaded the pictures in. Big faux pas. I will have to re-upload all the pictures. Big hassle since the caption in my Lightroom database and online differ in many cases…

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Durchs wilde Kurdistan – Through the wild Kurdistan

We – that is Atakürk, O.P., Yunus, and me – spend the last week or so travelling through Turkey’s far south east. One shouldn’t call this magnificent land Kurdistan since some smart Turks thought that Kurds actually do not exist and their watchdogs still bite. Instead, as a people they ought to be called ‘Mountainturks’.

I want to save my self of 301 so I stop here and show some pictures instead.


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New Project: Passengers

Last week, I had a very good and intense workshop with the French portrait photographer Charles Fréger. Personally, I always considered my portrait work as weak. Don’t worry, I think I learned a lot.
We worked a lot with classical and iconic photographs, with the original prints of the collection of the Foto Museum Antwerpen. It is a overwhelming experience to see all those famous pictures directly in front of you (and in one case, even holding it in your hands: One of Hine’s famous pictures of construction workers of the Empire State Building.)
But first of all, let me show some of the work I produced during the workshop: A portrait series of passengers and their luggage waiting for their train.


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Let Your Photographs Go

John Easterby’s talk last wednesday on assignments, picture marketing, contracts, and so on triggered a short discussion started by Heidi’s question how to prevent theft of one’s pictures by magazines and blogs.

To add my two cent: I am in favor of liberal copyright terms. Why not giving your pictures for free for non-commercial  use? It is not only nice but might also pay of:

  • One’s pictures published in blogs with your name next to them is free advertisement. People see your pictures and might remember your name.
  • I don’t have to talk about the power and importance of google. Many blogs are search engine optimized (SEO). Meaning: they will rank high in Google. They will help you dominating the search results if your name is searched for – by photo editors and other possible clients
  • As a photographer you also might want to show up in the image results. At least when your name is googled or topics you’re profound with. The text of blogs helps you to be linked with many keywords