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Postcard from Fes, Morocco

I have a soft spot for oriental markets, that is beyond doubt. For me, a good market is not only a world by itself but every shop, store, or stand is. Strolling through the crowed alleys, looking left or right, suddenly you stand there: in front of a breathtaking market stall. It might be the scent of 1001 spices or the vibrant colours of camel leather absorbing you – but it can be mundane as in the case of the picture of the week, too: yarn, but in splendid shades making it a visual feast.


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Postcard from Istanbul (I)

I took this picture last fall when working on my ‘Margins’ project on working poor in Istanbul. I went to the ferry terminal in Kadiköy on the Asian side to photograph shoe shine boys. There, I met Haydar. He dropped out of school early and tries hard to get by with rudimentary shoe shine services. Even with a shoe cleaning not more expensive than 3 Turkish Lira (approximately 1.50 Euro) it is still hard to find customers. However, Haydar wanted to have a picture taken of him in action and tried to convice passerbys to pose with him for a photogaph. more…