Postcard from Istanbul from :

Teer Sheet: Dann fahr’n wir raus zum Vansee (Zeit online)

«It is a steep and dusty climb on hardly paved trails, but it is worth it: in the the midst of the brown and ochre tones of the East Anatolian soil glisters at the foot of the castle hill the Lake Van in colours that can rival any Caribbean promotional brochure. Seven times as large as Lake Constance, the green-blue water reaches to the horizon, surrounded by majestic mountains,  and leaving no doubt why Turquoise is the colour of the Turks.»

Oskar Piegsa published an article about our last trip to the very south-east of Turkey on Zeit online, the website of Germany’s biggest weekly paper (in German, sorry. That is what google translate “makes out of it”). Also, there’s what you proabaly call “digital photo spreads” a.k.a gallery containing some more photographs of our trips of the last years online.