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World Record for Belgium! Cherry Blossoms and Road Block

For 290 days (and counting) already, Belgium has no Government. That is World Record! In 2003, it took Iraq 289 days to form a Government. To celebrate the day Belgium won the World Record, I cycled yesterday along the language border south of Brussels. Along the way, I took this photograph.

The Flamish village Dworp has a small road called Zevenbronnenstraat (English: Seven Sources Street) and the Walloon small town Braine-l’Alleud has a road called Sept-Fontaines (English: Seven Sources) and I took the above photograph where the two meet.

For me, this photograph perfectly symbolises the Belgian Conflict: Something in between road blocks of serious conflicts and romantic Flamish landscape painting.


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Count Down: only four days until printing

There are only few days left until the printing of the final another dummy of my book on the concept of islands & Socotra will begin and there is still so much to do… Stress!

The weather is great, everybody is out on the street enjoying the sun. I am in front of my computer – Indesign, Photoshop, polishing the Layout.

But: it looks great! I can’t wait to see the first pages printed. The magic of photography – isn’t that when the picture slowly appears on the paper?

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On Assignment: Frenzy of the Streets

I’m back in Sana’a, Yemen and on assignment. I went out to the demonstrations today, all frenzy but peaceful.

Update: The night after this photo was taken, fire was opened on the demonstrators and things started to become bloody. Since that night, the situation constantly escalates. Most of my friends in Yemen were deported two days later.

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Back on Socotra

For some days already, I am back on Socotra, continuing my work. I climbed the highest mountain already, swam in the Indian Ocean, did Qat (a local drug – though imho as much ‘drug’ as coffee.) with a local sheik, and had a goat slaughtered for me (on the picture the poor little creature is still alive). Everything’s great over here but the food (No spices! Poor little creature died for nothing) and I got quite some good shots already. I’ll keep you updated!