Postcard from Brussels from :

Allmost there! (Printing the Proofs)

It’s another three days. In three days, I will send my book to the printer. In three days, I will board an aircraft to Istanbul. And in five days an armada of  monstrous offset machines will start printing my book. It’s exciting. It’s nerve wrecking.

The last days (not to say weeks) I was a single-minded nerd, not able to do anything but think about the book, talk about the book, work on the book. As I am writing these lines, I am printing the hard proofs. I am waiting for my proof reader to send me the (hopefully but of course not) errata-free texts.

Today, I will go out with friends and have beers in the sun, the first step in a re-socialization process that hopefully won’t take as long as the production of this book – that is over a year.
At least, the book looks great! (And it does, really.)