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Call for application: Part Time Assistant

fig. 1: Artist at work.

Some people might complain about the state of the economy, but I can’t. Business is good and it’s developing well. As a result, I am inundated with office tasks that should be shared. I am a creative; I do not like to work alone at my desk. I spend increasing time exactly with that – sitting alone at my desk. For that reason I am looking for somebody (m/f) to support me in my work (making me sit less at my desk and spend more time making art) and to work together with (working less alone). As business is growing, I want to hire a co-worker (part time, 32h per months) to tackle the next projects. more…

Postcard from Istanbul from :

Fighters over Sulukule

Some weeks ago, I went back to what had been Sulukule, the great Roma-quarter in the old city of Istanbul. A few years ago, it was completely bulldozed for an “urban transformation project”. Today, it is a very sad place – plain Toki-compounds with a neo-otoman touch. I strolled off to neighbouring Keçeci Karabaş Mahallesi, infamous for its aggression towards the Roma of Sulukule. I, too, got harassed again and again until suddenly, a squadron fighter jets flew by – summarizing the my mood on that cold day.