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(von dem Beitrag gibt es auch eine Version in Deutsch)

A rise of the sea level, thawing permafrost, and melting glaciers create an unpredictable yet immanent hazard of potentially devastating scale. Civil protection agencies work hard to make sure dooms day isn’t near. Building massive bulwarks and engineering entire landscapes, they fight storm surges, landslides, and floodings.

Supplying our want for perfect security, the modification of the topography has reached an unprecedented level. With the help of modern technology in design and construction, extensive confining of the once feral forces of nature is possible. Limiting the chaotic and destructive forces that once made nature sublime, the new landscaped is built with the objective to be of harmless harmony.

To investigate human’s response to the threat of nature –in the past and in the future– is the aim of this work. In quest for survival landscape is engineered; documenting the scale is my task.

So far the work on the project has taken me to France, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, and Germany and quite some more travels are planned. To produce perfectly detailed photographs, I decided to work with a large format plate camera – each negative is 4×5 inch large and of incredible detail. The camera is heavy and bulky, but I take a lot of suffering for a good photograph.

me & my old school camera

me & my old school camera