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Book in Progress

I am sitting in the world’s fasted Metro on my way back from London. I opened my exhibition, met with Simon Norfolk, the BBC, conversed with the photographers and book artists Rob Hornstra (of the Sochi Project) and Mishka Henner (of the Artists Books Cooperative).

It was a greatly inspiring week and my own Socotra book project took a great leap forward! In the conversation with all these great artists, I decided that I will not approach any publishing houses but instead will independent publish.

Big publishing houses all require financial investment by the artists of several 10’000 Euro which I simply do not have. In addition they demand to have final say regarding content and production of the book which I am not willing to accept.

I am currently exploring different options of independent and self-publishing. Nothing is decided yet, but stay tuned, I will have great news very soon!

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The Morning After

WOW! The opening yesterday at HotShoe Gallery in London was a huge success! The space was packed, both numbers and names showed up! (On this picture: Simon Norfolk inspecting my Socotra book and Abdulwahab Sadaka of the Yemen Embassy to the UK looking at my work.)

A big thank you to everyone who made this night as great as it was!

ps: there is exactly one bottle of beer left.


(The exhibition will run until May 24, Mon – Wed & Fri – Sat 12.00 to 17.00. )