Postcard from Munich from :

Nikon D800 (pre)ordered

Before teaching workshops this weekend in Munich and before flying to Yemen on Monday, I met with representatives of my suppliers, partners, and sponsors today. At that occasion, I was also able to (pre-)order the upcoming Nikon D800. Sweet. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands…

UPDATE: apparently, both D4 and D800 are severely delayed because of the heavy quake damage to Nikon’s plant in Sendai, Japan.

UPDATE 2: the D700 replacement is not to be expected until December 2011. (Aug 22 ’11)

UPDATE 3: because I get so many questions – since 2011 seems to have been the precursor of the apocalyptical 2012 a couple of things happened out Nikon’s control (and even more outside my control) that severely delayed this camera. Luckily enough for me, the big project for which I need the capabilities of the new Nikon was delayed, too… Yet, the much lighter body of the D4 should excite pros, too… Finally an alternative to the D700 / 5D league? (Jan 5 ’12)