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Go Green: My Ecological Footprint

It comes with my job (which I love doing) that I have to travel a lot. Sometime it’s exhausting but in general it’s great. I come around, see new places and experience different cultures. The other side of the same coin, however, is a terrifying ecological footprint. I am doing my best to produce my work with an ecological impact as small and as transparent as possible.

  • All electricity used at my Brussels studio is 100% green and CO2 neutral (31.25% Hydro Power, 31.88% Wind Turbines, 36.82% Biomass – provider: lampiris).
  • All electricity used for my web space is from regenerative sources (OK-power certificate)
  • I don’t own a car. When possible I travel by train and pretty strictly avoid short distance flights (all flights where alternative ways of transportation take eight or less hours.)
  • Those flights that are unavoidable are carbon offsett through Atmosfair (since Jan 2012). Environmental damage caused by flying cannot be undone. However, it is better to address the problem than to ignore it. Atmosfair invests in projects that compensate for the greenhouse gases that created by flying. For example, past atmosfair projects include the development of solar power, hydropower, wind power, and power fuelled by biomass in places such as India, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Burkina Faso. These projects save greenhouse gas emissions in amounts comparable to airplane travel. Atmosfair thereby follows CDM and Gold Standard. more…
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Re: Honorarfreie Bildnutzung auf

(10. Januar)

Recht schnell nachdem ich meine letzte E-Mail an Zeit-online hier veröffentlichte rief mich sowohl der Redakteur in Frage als auch Karsten Polke-Majewski, stellvertretender Chefredakteur, an und bemühten sich in Schadensbegrenzung. Im Zuge wurde auf ein Missverständnis verwiesen und mir schlussendlich ein Honorar angeboten. Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten Partner in einem Geschäft.

Der gleiche Kampf wird (mit anderen Gegnern) sicherlich noch öfter gekämpft werden müssen. Und auch ein fahler Nachgeschmack bleibt.

Im Folgenden die (abgesprochene) Veröffentlichung einer Stellungnahme von Karsten Polke-Majewski sowie der ursprüngliche Post.


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Call for application: Part Time Assistant

fig. 1: Artist at work.

Some people might complain about the state of the economy, but I can’t. Business is good and it’s developing well. As a result, I am inundated with office tasks that should be shared. I am a creative; I do not like to work alone at my desk. I spend increasing time exactly with that – sitting alone at my desk. For that reason I am looking for somebody (m/f) to support me in my work (making me sit less at my desk and spend more time making art) and to work together with (working less alone). As business is growing, I want to hire a co-worker (part time, 32h per months) to tackle the next projects. more…

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Stains in Socotra Book

Some of you might have noticed already – In many copies of the regular trade edition (and only in this edition) dark spots appear over time on a couple of pages. I was shocked when I saw it for the first time and was close to burning the full edition of the book. Luckily enough, I was convinced that the problem – though it sucks – isn’t bad enough to bring 500 books to the local landfill.
But let me give you some background information on how these stains could happen – and how it happened: more…