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My project Naturzustand explores how the rich west builds bulwarks against climate change. But elsewhere the situation is worse. This is what Srinagar, a city of almost 1 million, in Jammu & Kashmir, India looked like few months ago (note: all that is gray is inundated). Flood levels of up to 40 meters where measured along the Jhelum river; most of Srinagar were inundated by about 3.70 meters.

The upcoming Naturzustand book will bring together my large format photography and high resolution satellite imagery of natural disasters. Because:

Naturzustand (state of nature) is an exploration of nature catastrophes post climate
change: building massive bulwarks civil protection agencies try to tame the newly
feral forces of nature in the west, while in the rest of the world people are left to
their own against the despotic nature of climate change – all there is, is the
assessment once disaster struck.