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It’s the end of the world.

It’s the end of the world – or at least of world’s civilizations. An increasing world population is depending on a shrinking amount of resources. Oil, water, fertile soil, fish grounds – among many other resources – are all near exploited yet we depend on them to survive. Mankind is stumbling into a disaster of inconceivable extent yet we ignore the facts. Not unprecedented, we are in denial of our dooming future – a future similar to what extinguished civilizations like the Sumerian or Maya. With near certainty, we will share their destiny. It is still time to wake up and change our live – but: will we? Today, we are the edge of a new beginning, that is – apocalypse in the literal sense of the meaning of the word. Scrupulous exploitation of the earth’s resources, a dramatic overpopulation far beyond sustainability, and the dooming of a climate change converge in what is an unprecedented challenge in humankinds history. Pessimism about the future is appropriate. Like a deer in the headlight…

(As a photographer, I have always strived to find the world that lies below the surfaces of ordinary life. Yet, working on my Apocalypse cycle, I seem to become an ‘advocacy photographer’.)