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Neon Hobos

There you go! Tamina and I travelled with hobos for a month; from Chicago to Savanah, Il to Iowa City, Io, to Des Moines, Io to Kansas City, Mi, to Pratt, Ka, to Denve, Co, to Cheyenne, Wy, to Nampa, Id, to Portland, Or, to Klamath Falls, Or, to Black Butte, Ca, to Rockville, Ca, to San Francisco, Ca — what a trip!
You can see some photos in Neon now and some more on their awesome website (plus audio and video and and and)HoboNEON-1 HoboNEON-2 HoboNEON-3 HoboNEON-4 HoboNEON-5 HoboNEON-6