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the Cloud Appreciation Society

I proudly announce that I am now member of the Cloud Appreciation Society:

Understand it as resistance to the Düsseldorf school’s dull, muddy skies. Understand it as message to the photography students from Bielefeld and their negligence to think about the top half of their frame.
Clouds are wonderful!You won’t find many photographs by me without clouds, just as there aren’t many grant paintings with an empty sky. I do understand the Bechers’ motive to photograph their industrial structures in front of a neutral sky to separate them from the scenery and to create a studio like backdrop. But that’s about it.

Clouds are such a great tool to create atmosphere, to build emotions. Use it! Work with them, they are your friend.
Next time you walk headlessly on the streetspause, look up, and marvel about the clouds above your head. Fight the dull in the world!